Friday, May 26, 2006

I'm only blogging at now!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Google Analytics part two

Well I got the code... and it didn't work - that was just great - I got very very very pissed... and then I contacted google - two weeks later I had a new code. I was happy again and it worked. Installing the tracker code was easy as a breeze. However the interface giving you info on the traffic on your page is lacking lacking lacking... it simply takes too long to find the info you want :(. I have seen better systems for this... however they go at 1000$ a month...

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Google Analytics

I finally had my Google analytics account :D - getting these kind of datas is a must... so far I just been needing to doe.

Saturday, February 04, 2006


Just stumbled upon another CRM-system - it's probably quite good... but where is the focus.
First of all these people where cheap and didn't pay enough to get a decent design - design really matters a lot. Would you buy something that looks pretty or "hmm not so good"? GOOD is the answer.

Ok the link I put is the frontpage to the English site. The content of the site is headed with a title "Customer Relation Management .... easy and cheap" and then a lot of descriptive text below. Text is good but it needs headings! You want to give the user a quick look of the offers... something like



Start here or take the tour or a demo flash video...

Which leads me to the "buy now" it's to icons with text in the bottom left corner... in elemtary school I learned the focus allways goes from top left to bottom right.

And then the news feed??? If I want a CRM for my company I really don't give a **** about how many other people is using it or if it just has been translated to English.

Anyway good luck to these guys.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Danish IT News sites (like everything from Denmark they are crap)

In Denmark we are so lucky that we have two news providers of Information Technology. Being Danish I am more than ashamed - actually so ashamed that if wasn't because I am busy giving more people an incredible experience when the submit short stories at Spoiled Ink I would start my own blog in Danish providing decent news (for sure there is a market).

Number one is
This site is infamous for just publishing pressreleases without editing them at all - and when they are "told" about it, they don't even realise it. Regarding international news they harvest news straight away from CNET, Slashdot and Wired and barely translates them. This company is also owned by IDG - pleasantly for IDG whatever they do get a lot of coverage.

Number two is
Their practice is equal to computerworld (I am so not impressed). Besides doing IT news this company also do a lot of consulting in media for IT companies - conflict of interest perhaps????

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I am aware that only 5 mio. people live in Denmark. But is that really a reason in general for having so crappy webpages? After all Denmark is supposed to be one of the most digitized nations in the whole world. Guess what Denmark is still waiting for Web2 to come a long... blogging is a word from a whole other nation and usability - is only a term used for selling products (such a CMS)! Not a factual practice...

NOTE: To people coming from - this blog is not as related as I remembered - sorry for that but do take a read anyway.

So why am I writing this: My dad was browsing around on some competitors webpages comparing his own CMS (Archturus). Honestly these webpages were a mess: I'm glad that I am not looking for a CMS - it's a mess... these pages are more about these companies putting their culture online or prompting none essential issues to the user: Why don't these people focus on selling their products? And that was when I realised that this is a returning problem for all Danish webpages. All of them have the same kinda lame structure: A menu in the top, a menu on the left and an other one on the right. (I think all the graphic artists go to the same school)
Trying to give the visitor as many different options as posible? Why... I really don't think a webpage is about giving visitors options: it's about making sales or giving information.
If you wanna give information or make sales: You know exactly what information you wanna give or what you wanna sell - then go focus on that!!!! Dammit...